If you don’t want to eat only organic food – it can be difficult to eat organically all the time – at least consider not eating the following foods. They are – simply – bad for you.

Take a look below.

  1. Wheat Bread

Wait! What? Whole wheat bread!? Isn’t this supposed to be good for you?

Wheat bread – even whole wheat bread – may be a type of food that has had its benefits wiped out in the process of getting it the grain from the field to your table. Many nutrition experts say that wheat today hardly resembles its original form due to genetic manipulation in the ’60s and ’70s (to increase wheat fields’ yields).

As a result, some nutritionists believe that the rise in inflammatory bowel and celiac disease, obesity, skin disorders, acid reflux, and even asthma is due to the changes made to wheat.

To see if you have a bad reaction to wheat, don’t eat any for a week. If you have headaches, feel nauseous and/or fatigued, you are experiencing wheat withdrawal and you may want to give it up entirely. You may find you feel better overall if you do.

Alternatives to wheat includes oats, rye bread (check that is has no wheat in it), corn tortillas, sweet potatoes, etc.

  1. Diet Soda

Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame K, sucralose and neotame, among others. Research over the years indicates strongly that when the body metabolizes these chemicals, they can cause such health-related issues as digestive problems, weight gain, joint pain, inflammatory bowel disease, headaches, digestive problems, and cancer.

What’s more, colas contain phosphoric acid, which may leach calcium from your bones. Osteoporosis – especially in women – is a major concern as we age, so it’s probably best if you drink no more than five cola beverages a week and even better if you don’t drink them at all.

  1. Farmed Salmon

Salmon is a great food to eat: it is high in omega-3 fatty acids and reduces inflammation throughout your body as well as the risk for heart attack and stroke.

But farmed salmon are fed foods that contain pesticides, cancer-causing chemicals such as PCBs and even antibiotics. Many experts believe farmed salmon is, basically, filthy.

The solution is to always eat wild-caught salmon.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners.

Many experts believe artificial sweeteners can be almost as bad for your waistline as sugar. Artificial sweeteners can raise your blood sugar levels, which can help you overeat. Plus, they are chemicals, artificial and not natural.

Instead, try small amounts of natural sweeteners such as non-processed honey, molasses and maple syrup and start retraining your taste buds so that they don’t crave markedly sweet foods and drinks.

Now that you know what goes on “behind the curtain” on certain foods, you may want reconsider whether they are the right foods for your family.