We love to eat organic food and we have several reasons for doing so (in addition to main reason that it’s pretty much chemical-free). Take a look below for the six reasons why we eat organic food.

  1. We get to support local farms and shop owners.

We love to know where our food comes from and by eating organic food we tend to purchase produce and meat from local growers and farmers. As for the organic food we purchase that’s not grown nearby, it tends to be sold at independent shops in our region: we therefore enjoy knowing that we are supporting local businesses and their owners.

  1. Organic eating helps us experiment in the types of dishes we make.

By shopping locally, we often come across new-to-us types of organic produce, which tends to inspire us to create a new-to-us meal or dish. Eating organically helps us try new things and explore new cooking methods.

  1. We feel more connected to the land.

Many British children believe that cheese comes from plants (and we have a sneaking feeling that many American kids do as well). Eating organic food allows us – and our children – to really see where our food comes from helping our appreciation for the connection between food and land grow.

  1. Animals are treated with respect.

If you have any concern for the welfare of the animals you eat, organic is the way to go. Beef and poultry that are reared free range and/or that eat grass rather than corn are healthier and happier during their lives.

  1. It’s good for our environment.

Aside from being grown free of chemicals (organic farmers use non-synthetic or natural products) organic farmers tend to really look after their soil and how they care for their animals so that their work has the least negative impact on the air, land and water as possible. They therefore promote biodiversity and homes for butterflies and bees. What’s more, organic farms tend to become something of a haven for wildlife. This is good news for everyone!

  1. Cooking can be simpler.

No one wants to be a slave to the cooking stove, and organic food tends to work best with simple-yet-delicious recipes, making the preparation easier and quicker. In addition, because organic food tends to be fresh and tastier, it’s best not to go to heavy on the seasonings, creams and other complications: simply enjoy organic food’s great natural taste!