Things We Love

It’s obvious we love all things organic, and our love doesn’t stop with food.

We love many things and – as any good lover would – we like to shout about their awesomeness to the world. Take a look below for links to – and a bit of information about – some great companies and their products.

Horizon Organic provides organic milk, cheese, cream, eggs, yogurt and a lot more. Their founders were one of the first to supply organic milk nationwide and the company continues to take its responsibility and commitment to the “organic movement and values like health, community and environmental stewardship” quite seriously.

Ubean says its provides “simply amazing coffee,” and we may be biased, but it’s true! Ubean sells a premium, coffee made of beans grown only via Fair Trade to work directly with the coffee farmers in order to provide a quality product. You probably won’t be able to find Ubean in your local supermarket, as it’s sold direct to the public only via a network of distributors.

We have tried what we feel is the best 85% Dark Organic Chocolate Bar and have added this amazing product to Things We Love on Organic Eating. This Chocolate bar is truly outstanding if you love dark organic chocolate.