You love your friends. You love organic food. Your friends scoff and tease you about your “quirk.” Then someone suggests you all go out to eat. What do you do?

Of course, you could suggest that you all go to an organic eatery: “Come on,” you say. “Give it a try. You just might like it!”

But your friends nix that idea and half-jokingly suggest that everyone head out to McDonald’s.

You decline and so they compromise – somewhat grudgingly – and say they’ll try to find some place that can “accommodate your needs.”

This happens enough that you’re starting to become leery of even mentioning eating out together. It’s just not worth the tension you feel rising among all of you. So you start bowing out of any gatherings that include food and soon you notice that you’re spending a lot less time with these folks.

Which is sad, because you love them.

But instead of saying goodbye to old chums because you’ve said hello to the many benefits of organic food, take a look below at six things you can do when you friends don’t eat organic food.

  1. Go out, but eat nothing.

You probably will need to be full before heading out with friends or even snacking on the way so you’re not tempted to eat in the restaurant. This also could make for something of an excruciating evening for you as they eat and you don’t, as they linger over dessert and your stomach growls.

Is this fair to you? Of course not! Go this route often and your friends will know how much you must love them.

  1. Tell them you’ll meet up with them for coffee and tea.

This means you’ll head to your own restaurant (or eat at home) and then meet up with them later for coffee/tea during dessert or after they’ve finished eating.

  1. Suggest a restaurant or two where you know they serve organic as well as conventionally grown food.

This will take some legwork on your part beforehand: finding restaurants that serve food for organic and non-organic eaters. But at least you’ll be able to eat together.

  1. Some of your friends may be willing to eat organic: invite them to your favorite restaurant!

Or cook a meal or two for them at your home. Chances are your friends will enjoy themselves and will be happy to find an organic place the next time you all decide to get a bite out.

  1. Head to friends’ dinner parties, but let the host/hostess know you’ll be bringing your own food.

You could tell the host you eat only organic food, but it would be rude to absolutely expect her to make sure your lips touch nothing but organic produce, meat and dairy. So unless you have real food allergies your host needs to know about, simply let her know you’re glad for the invitation, you eat organic only and, because you don’t want to put her out, you will be bringing your own food.

  1. Ask them to open their minds and invite them to your home for a good meal of just organically grown food.

Again, this puts most of the burden – and work – on you. But if your friends mean a lot to you going this route means two good things:

  1. You know that all the food you’re eating is organically grown.
  2. You may “convert” one or more friends to organic eating.

And wouldn’t that result be simply lovely? You’d be growing the number of your friends who eat organically. Organic restaurants here you all come. Together!